Fantastic world of clocks


Swatch had dived all its production to all people who like wearing watch. There no matter how old are you because swatch can buy everybody in spite you are business person or a child. Company divided its products for different scales of age and prestige. Swatch has customers all over the world. For example customers of one of the most expensive   mark that called Breguet, which is made by Swatch, was bought by Napoleon Bonaparte, Maria-Antoinette, Alexander, and Churchill. Nowadays Omega becomes a leader of sales. It is buying by Michael Schumacher, Sidney Crawford, and Piers Brosnan with Nicole Kidman. This is even not full list of stars and politics, who are customers of Swatch. Also company is famous in teenagers groups, who like buying watch for every season of the year. Today you can see Swatch on the hand of famous superstars and palpitations. Swatch is unfastening from the status, so that why they have such power; in comparison with the others Swiss marks. Every year Swatch changes design of its watch to every season (summer, autumn, winter, spring). You will never see identical watches, because all images are thoroughly thinking about for big periods of time.  Swatch making watches every two seconds. Two times a year company launches new models, attracting world famous designers to make a new masterpiece. Swatch always following last fashion wave.


Tigers in dangerous


Today the territory that many years was belong to tigers are now become shorter to 40%.The reason of this is an active economical bum in the countries, where those animals are living. In the last century the amount of tigers in India were 40000. Nowadays, authority tells about 3700, while sourcing says that the number varies from 1500 to 2000. So if the problem, so clear to proof, why it isn’t solve by now? Why after so big amount of laws the number of tigers isn’t increase but even become lower? International organizations, such as Green Peace asked 13 countries, where tigers are living, to make a strong law, which will protect animals from poachers. For example, Indian authorities made all security measures to protect tigers in their country. Also in the schools were guided the projects which tells children about animals protection.

Life of dolphins


Do you like dolphins? I think everybody say that they are one of the most beautiful animals in the world, it hard to see them every day, if you are not living near ocean. Since sailors started to go sailing dolphins become their friends that in a hard moment can help. This animal’s very cleaver, they can feel if for example, someone is sinking they will absolutely can and help you. Sailors very often can see how dolphins do all possible to save peoples life. This showing that these animals are full of kindness that sometimes hard to find even in people. Also while swimming dolphins inform each other with different information with helps of sound signals. If they are hunting with the help of signals they forming each other about place where at this moment lots of fish. So life of these great animals is still studying by the scientists who want to know as possible as they can, so at the end tell about their results that may help in the future.

My favorite singer


One of mine favorite singers is Hillary Duff. First I heard her a year ago, and after this her songs are always in my MP3 player. This songs are full of energy, romance, sometimes with note of rock, but all of them are worth listening. Hillary has an older sister, that helps her writing songs, some music even was written by Hillary Duff. She is not only singing, but also acts in films. She likes acting only in comedies, because she thinks that they make people smile more often. I appreciate all her work, especially, those that helps   orphans. She has already spent more than 3 millions to children, who have not family. I think it’s a good contribution that people are making especially young stars as Hillary that helped many children by doing good things. By this example she showed, that even young stars can help those one, who need help.

Spring Kiev


While this time, Kiev becoming one of most beautiful places in the world. You can see lots of green trees, which are blooming in the gardens, lots of flowers that surround you, while you are walking, birds singing, that makes great atmosphere in whole Kiev. Nowadays a big amount of parks opened its doors to visitors. Two weeks ago, Kiev’s fountains were greeting citizens, who have a possibility to see fantastic views of them.  One of the most interesting places to see is botanic garden, where you can see blooming of lilac, and other unique flowers, trees. There always lots of people, that want photo all this beauty.  I think spring opens all beauty of over capital, giving people, and tourists to see great, and old city at one time.

Singularity smile


This name was given to Mona Lisa, one of the most famous pictures in whole art history. Leonardo da Vinci was so attached to this portrait, that was traveling with it everywhere. Even nowadays, we do not know any reliable facts about it. Some historians supposed, that it was belonged to Neapolitan girl, whose name was Lisa Geraldine, who was living in Florence, and was wife of famous merchant in that time. Her unbelievable, magnificent smile adds imperceptible expression, and illumines all portrait by mysteries light. If you see more carefully, you will see  beautiful lunar background, that suppose some charming place which not all can see. This picture was written in 1503- 1505, when Leonardo da Vinci has been already famous painter. While this period, he was studying astronomy, physiology to understand people, their thoughts, and actions. These studies played a great role in his works, by helping drawing pictures with meaning. Nowadays Mona Lisa is masterpiece, that gathering people all over the world.  

Charming books


I like spare my time by reading books. In my opinion, while reading them you are opening a new world full of interest, and unbelievable things. When you are reading, you starting thinking, as the heroes of the book; what will be their actions, emotions in some unpredictable situations. I like all sorts of books starting from fantasy, and finishing by history. As said one writer: “The more books you read, the more times you become a person.”, and absolutely agree with this statement. It’s a pity that nowadays children are spending more time in front of TV, or computer, rather reading. If we will take 1960s, it was years, when reading was popular hobby among children. Only a few years ago the interest to books has returned, and I think for a long period.